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Currently, user experience has become one of core competences of applications. However, with the increasing application complexity and growing number of users, how to ensure normal running of overloaded applications, how to quickly locate faults, and how to quickly uncover performance bottlenecks have posed a huge challenge for application O&M.

Huawei Application Performance Management (APM) is a cloud service that monitors and manages cloud application performance and faults in real time. It provides professional distributed application performance analysis capabilities to help O&M personnel quickly resolve problems such as error assessments and removal of performance bottlenecks in the distributed architecture and ensure user experience.

As a cloud application diagnosis service, APM supports applications based on multiple Java frameworks. It includes powerful analytics tools. APM displays the application status, call process, and operations performed by users on applications through topology views, call chains, and transactions. This helps you quickly track down errors that occur during the process and performance bottlenecks that need to be fixed.