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    • A

      See Auto Scaling

      AS configuration

      A template listing specifications for the instances to be added to an AS group.

      AS group

      A collection of instances that have similar attributes and apply to the same scenario. It is the basis for enabling or disabling AS policies and performing scaling actions.

      AS policy

      A condition for triggering a scaling action.

      Auto Scaling

      A service that automatically adjusts resources based on user service requirements and configured AS policies.

    • C
      cooling duration

      Duration for cooling a scaling action. The system begins to count the cooling duration after a scaling action is triggered. During the cooling duration, the AS group denies scaling actions triggered by an alarm policy. Other AS policies, including periodic and scheduled policies, are not affected.


      • P-T
        scaling action

        An action triggered by an AS policy to increase or decrease the number of instances in an AS group.