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    • A
      Access Key ID/Secret Access Key

      AK/SK is a key pair indicating user identity and an authentication mode used by the Identity and Access Management (IAM) service. AK/SK encrypts and signs requests, identifies the sender, and prevents requests from being modified.


      See application programming interface

      API Gateway

      API Gateway is an API hosting service with high performance, availability, and security. It allows you to create, manage, and deploy APIs at any scale.

      API group

      An API group is a collection of service APIs of the same type. An API group can be regarded as a service (such as the credit query service). API developers can manage all APIs in an API group.

      API lifecycle

      API lifecycle contains API management operations, including creating, publishing, removing, and deleting an API.


      AppKey/AppSecret is a key pair generated when an application is created. It is used in the App authentication mode to calculate the verification value. After receiving an API request, API Gateway checks the verification value to authenticate identity.


      An application defines the identity of an API invoker. You can authorize an API to multiple applications, or authorize multiple APIs to the same application.

      application programming interface

      An API is set of predefined functions. Application capabilities are encapsulated into APIs and open to users. An API contains basic information, frontend and backend request paths and parameters, and related protocols.


      Open an API to a specified application by granting authorization to the application.

    • E

      An environment defines different statuses of an API in its lifecycle. An API can be published in different user-defined environments.


      • F-J
        independent domain name

        An independent domain needs to be bound to an API group when APIs in the group are to be opened.


        • K-O

          Mock can be used to simulate backend services and commission the frontend service to be deployed, which improves the service deployment efficiency.


          • P

            After an API is created, it can be published in a specified environment to provide services for users.

          • R

            Remove an API that has been published.

            request throttling

            Request throttling allows you to configure the maximum number of calls made to a single API and the maximum number of API calls that a user and an application can make to protect backend services. The throttling granularity can be accurate to minute or second.

          • S

            When an API group is created, the system automatically allocates a subdomain to the API group for internal test.