Updated on 2022-12-08 GMT+08:00

Before You Start


Use Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome 46, Firefox 41, or their later versions to access the Huawei Cloud Meeting Management Platform.

Log in to the Huawei Cloud Meeting Management Platform using an enterprise administrator account.


The Overview page of the Huawei Cloud Meeting Management Platform presents the global resource usage of your enterprise, as described in Table 1.

Table 1 Enterprise global resource usage

Resource Name

Resource Usage

Cloud meeting rooms

Used/Purchased cloud meeting rooms

User accounts

Used/Purchased user accounts

IdeaHub access accounts

Used/Purchased IdeaHub access accounts

Huawei professional meeting terminal access accounts-1080p

Used/Purchased 1080p hard terminal access accounts

Huawei small meeting terminal access accounts-720p

Used/Purchased 720p hard terminal access accounts

Third-party meeting terminal access accounts

Used/Purchased third-party hard terminal access accounts

Recording storage space

Used/Purchased recording storage space (GB)