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What Is DMS for RabbitMQ?

Updated at: Jan 25, 2022 GMT+08:00

Based on the open-source RabbitMQ, Distributed Message Service (DMS) for RabbitMQ provides messaging services with rich messaging features, flexible routing, high availability, monitoring, and alarming functions. It is applicable to flash sales, flow control, and system decoupling scenarios.

  • Immediate use

    DMS for RabbitMQ provides single-node and cluster instances with a range of specifications for you to choose from. Instances can be created with just a few clicks on the console, without requiring you to prepare servers.

  • Rich features

    DMS for RabbitMQ supports Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) and a variety of messaging features such as message broadcast, delayed delivery, and dead letter queues.

  • Flexible routing

    In RabbitMQ, an exchange receives messages from producers and pushes the messages to queues. RabbitMQ provides direct, topic, headers, and fanout exchanges. You can also bind and customize exchanges.

  • High availability

    In a RabbitMQ cluster, data is replicated to all nodes through mirrored queues, preventing service interruption and data loss in case of a node breakdown.

  • Monitoring and alarm

    A set of RabbitMQ cluster metrics are monitored and reported, including broker memory, CPU usage, and network flow. If an exception is detected, an alarm will be triggered.

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