Updated on 2024-03-06 GMT+08:00


In this document, you will learn about how Web Application Firewall (WAF) is billed, how you can renew subscriptions and manage costs, and what happens if your account goes into arrears.

  • Billing modes

    WAF provides two billing modes, yearly/monthly and pay-per-use billing, to meet requirements in different scenarios. Yearly/Monthly: You pay upfront for the amount of time you expect to use the service for. You will need to make sure you have a top-up account with a sufficient balance or have a valid payment method configured first. Pay-per-use billing is a postpaid mode. In this mode, you pay for what you used. For more details, see Overview.

    You can change the billing mode you selected for the WAF instance you are using to meet service requirement changes. For details, see Changing the Billing Mode.

  • Billing Items

    WAF billing items include the edition, the number of instances, and expansion packages. For details about WAF billing items and calculation formulas, see Billing Items.

    Different billing calculation formulas are used based on billing modes. For details about billing examples, see Billing Examples.

  • Renewal

    If you do not renew your yearly/monthly-billed cloud WAF before it expires, WAF will stop protecting your website. If you want to continue using WAF, you need to renew it within the specified period, or all configurations of the domain name will be deleted from WAF. For more details about renewal, see Overview.

  • Bills

    You can choose Billing & Costs > Bills and view bills and expenditures for WAF resources. For details, see Bills.

  • Your account goes into arrears when you account balance cannot cover the bill you need to pay. If your account is in arrears, the website may loss protection. You need to top up your account in a timely manner. For details, see About Arrears.
  • Billing termination

    If you no longer need a cloud service resource, you can unsubscribe from or delete it to stop the billing. For details, see Billing Termination.

  • Cost management

    When WAF is used, the major cost is resource costs. You can manage costs from cost composition, allocation, analysis, and optimization. For details, see Cost Management.