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Updated on 2024-06-07 GMT+08:00

In Which Regions Is WAF Available?

WAF is available in all regions on Huawei Cloud.

  • After a WAF instance is purchased, the region cannot be changed. To change the region, unsubscribe from the WAF instance you have purchased and purchase another one.
  • Only one WAF edition can be purchased under an account in the same great region such as CN East, including CN East-Shanghai1 and CN East-Shanghai2 regions.

How Do I Select a Region When Purchasing a WAF Instance?

Generally, a WAF instance purchased in any region can protect web services in all regions. To make a WAF instance forward your website traffic faster, select the region nearest to your services.

For example, if you purchase WAF only in region A and need to cover services in region B, it takes a longer time to forward services in region B than services in region A. Therefore, at least two WAF instances in two cities should be purchased to protect workloads in the corresponding city, respectively, improving the forwarding efficiency.

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