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Which Devices Can Be Connected to HUAWEI CLOUD Through a VPN?

Updated at: Mar 18, 2020 GMT+08:00

HUAWEI CLOUD VPN supports the standard IPsec protocol. If devices in your data center meet the following requirements, they can interconnect with HUAWEI CLOUD.

  1. Devices support IPsec VPN.
  2. Your data center has a fixed public IP address or a fixed public IP address after NAT mapping.

Devices usually are routers and firewalls. For details, see Administrator Guide.

  • Common home broadband routers, personal mobile terminals, and VPN services (such as L2TP) provided by Windows hosts cannot interconnect with HUAWEI CLOUD VPN.
  • Vendors that have performed the interconnection test with the HUAWEI CLOUD VPN service include but are not limited to Huawei (routers and firewalls), H3C (routers and firewalls), Cisco (routers and firewalls), Ruijie (routers and firewalls), ZTE, Sangfor, Fortinet, 360, Topsec, Hillstone, NetentSec, NSFOCUS, DELL, ZyXEL, and Juniper.
  • Cloud service providers include but are not limited to Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Amazon.
  • Software vendors include but are not limited to openSwan, Strongswan, and GreenBow.
  • The IPsec protocol is a standard IETF protocol. All vendors that support IPsec can interconnect with HUAWEI CLOUD and you do not need to pay attention to the device model.

    Currently, most enterprise-level routers and firewalls support IPsec protocol.

  • The feature specifications of some hardware vendors list that the products support IPsec VPN, but in fact software licenses are required to be purchased to activate related functions, such as CISCO ISR series routers.

    Contact the data center administrator to confirm the device model with the vendor.

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