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Adding a Domain Name

Updated at: Apr 23, 2020 GMT+08:00

This section describes how to add a domain name. Before using VSS, add a domain name or IP address to VSS and verify domain ownership so that VSS can perform scanning.

If your website contains web pages only accessible to logged-in users, you need to configure the website login method (username and password or cookie) before using VSS.

During domain name addition, if the message "The number of domain names that can be added to the current package has reached the maximum allowed limit" is displayed and no domain name can be added, perform the following operations:

  • Expand the domain name quota by referring to Increasing Domain Quotas. When you purchase Scan Quota Package, its value must be greater than the existing quota of the current version.
  • If your asset list contains domain names that do not need to be protected, you are advised to delete them and then add new ones.


Login credentials have been obtained.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Access the Add Domain Name page.

    Figure 1 Add Domain Name page

    In the upper corner of the list, you can view the number of domain names that can be added.

  3. In the dialog box that is displayed, set Domain Name/IP Address and Remarks.

    Figure 2 Adding a domain name

  4. Click OK to verify the domain name.

    • If you do not want to verify the domain name ownership temporarily, close the dialog box. You can verify the domain name ownership later by referring to Verifying a Domain Name.
    • If the server of your site to be detected is deployed on HUAWEI CLOUD and you own the server, you can select one-click verification.
    • File verification. See Figure 3.
      Figure 3 File verification
    • One-click verification. See Figure 4.
      Figure 4 One-click verification

    Select I have read and agree to the HUAWEI CLOUD Vulnerability Scan Service Agreement, click Verify. The domain name is in the Verified state if verification succeeds.

  5. Configure website information by referring to Table 1. See Figure 5.

    • If some web pages are only accessible to logged-in users, configure login settings so that VSS can perform a full scan. For details about configuring login settings, see Editing Domain Information.
    • VSS provides two login methods: username/password and cookie. To improve the login success rate, you are advised to configure both methods.
    Figure 5 Website Login Settings
    Table 1 Parameter description



    Example Value

    Login method 1: Username and password

    Login Page

    Address of the website login page


    Username for logging in to the website



    Password for logging in to the website


    Confirm Password

    Enter the password again.


    Login method 2: Cookies

    If login verification is enabled on your website, you must configure the cookie login method.

    Cookie Value

    Cookie value of the website


    Website Login Verification

    Website Address

    Enter a website that is only accessible to logged-in users for VSS to quickly determine whether your login information is valid.

  6. Read HUAWEI CLOUD Vulnerability Scan Service Agreement, select I have read and agree to the HUAWEI CLOUD Vulnerability Scan Service Agreement, and click OK.

Follow-up Procedure

After setting the website login mode, you need to create a scan job. For details, see Creating a Scan Job.

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