Updated on 2023-02-13 GMT+08:00

Viewing a Permission Check Report


Permission check reports describe the permissions and statuses of a user.


When creating a migration project, set Skip Permission Check to No and ensure that the permission check is complete.


  1. Log in to the UGO console.
  2. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Schema Migration > Object Migration. The migration project list is displayed.
  3. Locate a project and choose More > View Permission Check Report in the Operation column.

    The list displays the permission type, schema name, description, and status.

    The permission status can be Pass, Fail, or Alarm. If there is a permission whose Status is Fail, the project status is Not ready.

    Figure 1 Permission check list

  4. If there is a permission whose Status is Alarm, click to view its failure cause, details, solution, and hint.