Updated on 2022-09-14 GMT+08:00

Viewing Syntax Conversion History


The syntax conversion of a project has been executed.


  1. Log in to the UGO console.
  2. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Schema Migration > Object Migration. The migration project list is displayed.
  3. Locate the project to be migrated and click Migrate in the Operation column. On the displayed page, click the Syntax Conversion tab.
  4. Click Conversion History.

    The conversion information is displayed in chronological order, including total, conversion successful, conversion failed, pending, and conversion status.
    Figure 1 Conversion history

  5. Click Details to view detailed information, including the object type, conversion planned, conversion successful, and conversion failed.

    Figure 2 Detailed information of each conversion

  6. Locate an object type and click Details to view its details. The detailed information includes the schema, object name, migration status, and verification status. You can search for an object by object name or view details about each schema.

    Figure 3 Detailed information of an object type

  7. Locate an object and click Details to view the code.

    Figure 4 Object details