Updated on 2022-11-07 GMT+08:00


UCS distributes requests globally according to user locations and service policies across clouds and clusters, implementing intelligent traffic distribution and scheduling. It also schedules application access traffic across domains in real time on demand.

With Domain Name Service (DNS), user requests to the same domain name can be responded to by different backend clusters, according to the users' carrier and region. Such traffic splitting reduces the latency in cross-domain and cross-network access.

Figure 1 Traffic management


  • To manage traffic, IAM sub-users must have the DNS Administrator permission.
  • You must have a public zone. If not, you need to buy one.
  • Your public zone has been submitted for ICP license. If not, you need to apply for a license at the Huawei Cloud ICP license center.
  • Your public zone can be resolved. If not, you need to create a DNS record set.


Figure 2 shows the process of traffic distribution.

Figure 2 Process of traffic distribution