Updated on 2022-11-07 GMT+08:00

Removing a Cluster

  • Removing a cluster on the UCS console only indicates that the cluster is not managed by UCS and it has no effect on the cluster.
  • Huawei Cloud CCE clusters cannot be removed from the UCS console.
  1. Log in to the UCS console. In the navigation pane, choose Container Clusters.
  2. Select the target cluster group, click in the upper right corner of the cluster to be removed, and click OK in the dialog box displayed.

    Figure 1 Removing a cluster
    A message is displayed, indicating that the cluster is removed successfully, as shown in Figure 2.
    Figure 2 Removing a cluster successfully

  3. Go to the target cluster and run the following command to uninstall the agent.kubectl -n kube-system delete deployments/proxy-agent secret/proxy-agent-cert