Updated on 2023-04-23 GMT+08:00

Evaluating Test Quality

Log in to the CodeArts homepage and search for and access the target project. In the navigation pane, choose Testing > Testing Assessment.

Click Add in the upper left corner of the page. Enter the report name, select the version, test plan, and test conclusion, and click OK.


Click the report name. The Overview page of the test report is displayed by default. The Overview page displays the test data of the selected test plan.

Report Item


Requirement coverage

The requirement coverage rate reflects the test coverage of function points. The test coverage rate of all requirements associated with the selected plan is calculated. Requirement coverage rate = Number of associated case requirements/Total number of requirements

Total Legacy DI

DI value calculated based on all known defects in this version.


All defects are calculated based on their severity levels. The DI value of each defect is as follows: Warning: 0.1 Minor: 1 Major: 3 Critical: 10

New DI

DI value calculated based on the outstanding defects associated with the test plan.

Case execution rate

Statistics on the execution of test cases. Test case execution rate = Number of test cases that are executed as planned and have execution results/Total number of test cases as planned.

Case automation rate

Proportion of non-manual test cases to all test cases. The formula is as follows: (Total number of test cases in the test plan – Number of manual test cases in the test plan)/Total number of test cases in the test plan

Valid case rate

Proportion of executed test cases where defects are found to all executed test cases. Formula: Number of executed test cases where defects are found/Number of executed test cases


Collects statistics on the pass rates of the three types of requirements.

Testing: The test result is available for the test cases associated with the requirement.

Completed: All cases associated with the requirement have test results.

Not tested: No test result is displayed for all test cases associated with the requirement.

Case pass rate

The pass rate reflects product quality. The pass rate covers all test cases in selected plans. Another chart displays data by result. Pass rate = Number of successful cases/Total number of cases

Defect severity

Displays the number of defects associated with the selected plan.

Automation rate

Calculates the proportion of non-manual test cases to all test cases in the test plan.

Case pass rate by type

Displays the pass rate of test cases of different test types.

Defects by module

The number of defects is displayed by module.


On the Details page, you can view the outstanding and completion status of requirements and defects in the test plan.

Enter a title or number in the search box to search for the corresponding requirement or defect.

Evaluating Risks

On the risk assessment page, you can configure Quality Attribute Evaluation and Risk Analysis, or customize modules to enter related report information.

  • Quality Attribute Evaluation

    Select a test type on the top, click the text box area, enter evaluation information, and click Save.

  • Evaluating Risks

    You can evaluate risks based on the test progress. Click the text box, enter risk analysis information, and click Save.

  • Custom information

    Click Create Custom Information and add an information module.

    You can click the module name to redefine the module title, enter the related description, and click to save the modification. You can click to delete the new module.

    Click Upload to upload a local file to the customized module.

    1. The size of a single file to be uploaded cannot exceed 10 MB.

    2. A maximum of 15 attachments can be uploaded.

Downloading a Report

Click Download Report in the upper right corner of the page to download the created test evaluation report in PDF format to the local PC.