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Updated on 2023-03-14 GMT+08:00

Creating an API Automation Test Case


API automation test cases involve the Details and Scripting tab pages.

  • Details: manages and describes test cases, including the name (mandatory), ID, tag, case level, processor, folder, description, prerequisites, test steps, and expected result.
  • Scripting: defines the automated testing procedure, including the test steps, logic control, and test parameters.


  1. Log in to the CodeArts homepage, search for your target project, and click the project name to access the project.
  2. On the navigation bar, choose Testing > Testing Case.
  3. Click the API Automation tab and click Create on the left.

  4. Enter the test case name, configure other information as required, and click Save. Alternatively, click Save and Write Script. The Scripting page is displayed.

    The main configuration items of API automation test cases are similar to those of manual test cases. For details, see Creating a Manual Test Case.