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Creating an Exclusive Microservice Engine

Updated at: Oct 15, 2021 GMT+08:00

The exclusive microservice engine is deployed in physical isolation mode. Tenants exclusively use the microservice engine. You can create an exclusive microservice engine based on service requirements.


An exclusive microservice engine runs on a VPC. Before creating a microservice engine, ensure that VPCs and subnets are available.

Create a VPC and subnet. For details, see Creating a VPC.


  1. Log in to ServiceStage and choose Infrastructure > Cloud Service Engines.
  2. Click Buy Exclusive Microservice Engine.

    By default, a maximum of five exclusive microservice engines can be created for each project. To create more exclusive microservice engines, submit a service ticket to increase the quota. For details, see Creating a Service Ticket.

  3. Set the parameters. For details, see Table 1.

    Table 1 Description



    Microservice Engine Name

    Name of the microservice engine. The name cannot be changed after the engine is created.

    (Optional) Description

    Description of the microservice engine.

    Enterprise Project

    Project where the microservice engine locates.


    Specifications of the microservice engine.

    • HA: The service is more reliable. You can select up to three AZs for the production environment.
    • Non-HA: You can select only one AZ. You are advised to use this specification only in the service development and test phases.


    Availability zone.

    • The AZ of a created microservice engine cannot be changed.
    • The AZs in one region can communicate with each other over an intranet.


    Maximum number of CSE instances.

    Virtual Private Cloud

    VPC in which the microservice engine locates.

    A VPC enables you to provision logically isolated, configurable, and manageable virtual networks for your engine.


    Select a subnet.

  4. Click Next. Confirm the specifications and select I have read and agree to HUAWEI CLOUD User Agreement and Disclaimer. Click Submit to create the microservice engine.

    • It takes 10 to 30 minutes to create an exclusive microservice engine.
    • After the microservice engine is created, the microservice engine status changes to Available.
    • If the microservice engine fails to be created, click and choose Retry.

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