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Changing the Database Port

Updated at: May 26, 2020 GMT+08:00


This section describes how to change the database port of a primary DB instance or a read replica. For primary/standby DB instances, changing the database port of the primary DB instance will cause the database port of the standby DB instance to also be changed accordingly.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner and select a region and a project.
  3. Click Service List. Under Database, click RDS. The RDS console is displayed.
  4. On the Instance Management page, click the target DB instance or click first and then click the target read replica.
  5. In the Connection Information area on the Basic Information page, click in the Database Port field.

    The PostgreSQL database port ranges from 2100 to 9500.

    • To submit the change, click .
      • In the dialog box, click Yes.

        If you have enabled the operation protection function, click Send Code in the displayed Identify Verification dialog box and enter the obtained verification code. Then, click OK.

        Second authentication is required to improve the security of your account and cloud product. For details about how to enable operation protection, see the Identity and Access Management User Guide.

        1. If you change the database port of the primary DB instance, that of the standby DB instance will also be changed and both DB instances will be rebooted.
        2. If you change the database port of a read replica, the change will not affect other DB instances. Only the read replica will be rebooted.
        3. This process takes 1-5 minutes.
      • In the dialog box, click No to cancel the modification.
    • To cancel the change, click .

  6. View the result of the change on the Basic Information page.

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