Updated on 2024-04-03 GMT+08:00

Selecting Displayed Items


You can customize which instance items are displayed on the Instances page.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner and select a region and a project.
  3. Click in the upper left corner of the page and choose Databases > Relational Database Service.
  4. On the Instances page, click to edit columns displayed in the DB instance list.

    • Table Text Wrapping: If you enable this function, excess text will move down to the next line.
    • Operation Column: If you enable this function, the Operation column is always fixed at the rightmost position of the table.
    • The following items can be displayed: Name/ID, Description, DB Instance Type, DB Engine Version, Status, Disk Encryption (contact customer service to apply for required permissions), Billing Mode, Floating IP Address, Private Domain Name, IPv6 Address, Enterprise Project, Created, Database Port, Storage Type, and Operation.