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Introducing Reserved DB Instances

Updated at: May 26, 2020 GMT+08:00

A reserved DB instance is not an actual instance, but a billing discount that can be applied to the use of pay-per-use DB instances in your account. A reserved DB instance is a bill discount that can be applied to pay-per-use DB instances. When the specifications of your pay-per-use DB instances match those of a reserved DB instance, the reserved DB instance's discounted rate automatically applies to your DB instances. A reserved DB instance provides a discount compared to pay-per-use pricing while reserving DB instance resources.

Reserved DB instances let you reserve a DB instance for a one- or three-year term and in turn receive a significant discount on the hourly charge for DB instances that are covered by the reservation.

Payment Option

Full payment is made at the start of the term, with no other costs incurred for the remainder of the term regardless of the number of hours used.

Reserved DB Instance Status

Table 1 Status and description




Reserved DB instance is being created.


Reserved DB instance is available.


Reserved DB instance has expired and is unavailable.

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