Updated on 2023-10-27 GMT+08:00


What Is an Extension?

CodeArts Pipeline has a collection of built-in extensions for you to orchestrate pipelines covering build, check, deploy, and test, aiming to create a continuous and efficient development and delivery process.

How to Access the Extension List?

  • Entry 1: Log in to CodeArts and choose Services > Extensions from the top navigation bar.
  • Entry 2: Go to the pipeline list of a project, create or edit a pipeline, and click More Extensions in the upper right corner to go to the extension page.

How to View Details of an Extension?

The Extensions page displays all available extensions. Click the card of an extension to view details.

How to Use an Extension?

All extensions displayed on the Extensions page can be used when you edit pipelines under a tenant.

  1. When adding or editing a task during pipeline orchestration, you can view the list of existing extensions on the page displayed on the right.
  2. In this extension list, select an extension, click Add to use it in the pipeline.
  3. Configure the extension to use. For details, see Task Orchestration.