Updated at: 2022-05-19 GMT+08:00

MRS Patch Description

Basic Information

Table 1 Basic information

Patch Version


Release Date


Resolved Issues

List of resolved issues in MRS

MRS Manager

  • Resolved the failure to submit SparkSQL jobs on the job management page due to long SQL statements.
  • Resolved the failure to execute SQL statements with comments.

Big data components

  • Resolved the failure to synchronize IAM users with ClickHouse clusters.
  • Resolved the issue that the Flume client in the cluster cannot use an agency to access OBS.
  • Resolved the issue that the value of % of Queue is not displayed for a specified job on the native Yarn web UI.
  • Resolved the issue that job logs are incompletely displayed on the native Yarn web UI.
  • Resolved the issue that temporary files reside in HDFS after execution of Hive jobs.
  • Resolved the incompatibility in the interconnection between open-source Sqoop 1.4.7 and MRS Hive.
  • Resolved the failure to query Avro tables through Hive on MR.
  • Resolved the memory leak issue caused when HiveServer loads user-defined functions (UDFs).
  • Resolved the issue that the execution results of Hive and SparkSQL time functions are inconsistent.
  • Resolved the issue (HIVE-20187) that the result is incorrect when Hive on Tez uses MapJoin to achieve performance tuning.
  • Resolved the issue that an error occurs when the beeline -p command is executed.
  • Resolved the issue that Hue fails to format SQL statements.
  • Resolved the failure to submit Oozie jobs due to the incompatibility between Hue and Oozie time zones.
  • Resolved the unavailability of the variable drop-down list when a variable-declared Hive SQL statement is executed on the Hue web UI.
  • Resolved the query failure caused by incorrectly closed sessions when Hue connects to Hive for queries.
  • Resolved slow responses to Kunpeng servers' queries of Kudu tables using Impala.
  • Resolved the failure to install the Kudu client.
  • Resolved the unexpected restarts of KuduMaster instance on Kunpeng servers.
  • Resolved the search exceptions on the Ranger web UI.
  • Resolved the failure to redirect users to the login page after the logout from the Ranger web UI.

Compatibility with Other Patches

The MRS patch can resolve all issues that have been resolved by MRS 3.0.5.

Impact of Patch Installation

  • During the installation of MRS, the executor and controller processes are automatically restarted and cluster functions on the management plane, such as job submission and cluster scaling, will be affected. Therefore, install the patch at an appropriate time.
  • After you install the patch, restart the Spark2x, Hive, Yarn, Impala, Kudu, and Hue components on FusionInsight Manager for the patch to take effect. During the restart, some services may be unavailable for a short period of time. To minimize the impact on service continuity, perform the restart at a proper time.
  • To install the MRS patch, you need to manually download the patch file and install it on any master node in the cluster. For details, see the README.md file in the patch package.
  • This patch must be also installed for any new node subsequently added to the cluster. To install the patch for this new node, install the patch on the master node and restart the corresponding service.