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MRS Patch Description

Updated at: Aug 17, 2021 GMT+08:00

Basic Information

Table 1 Basic information

Patch Version


Release Date


Resolved Issues

List of resolved issues in MRS

MRS Manager

Resolved the node isolation problem.

MRS big data components

Resolved the memory leak issue when Hive loads hooks.

List of resolved issues in MRS

MRS big data components

When the insert overwrite operation is performed using Spark SQL and Beeline, old files cannot be trashed.

List of resolved issues in MRS

MRS Manager

Solved the problem that Task nodes fail to be removed from a custom cluster.

MRS big data components

Solved the problem that the version of the adapter-hadoop-wrapper-file-system package in the Hive and Spark paths is incorrect.

Solved the problem that multiple namespaces saved on FusionInsight Manager of HBase do not take effect in the background.

Added HDFSWrapper to support AbstractFileSystem.

Compatibility with Other Patches

The MRS patch package contains all patches released for MRS 1.9.3.

Impact of Patch Installation

  • During the installation of the MRS patch, MRS Manager is restarted, and Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Spark, and related dependent services are restarted in rolling mode. During the restart of MRS Manager, services are temporarily unavailable but services are not interrupted during the rolling restart.
  • After installing the MRS patch, you need to download and install all clients again, including the original clients of Master nodes and the clients used by other nodes of VPC (that is, the clients that you set up).
    • You are advised to back up the old clients before reinstalling the new ones.
    • If you have modified client configurations based on the service scenario, modify them again after reinstalling the clients.

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