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Configuring Job Notification Rules

Updated at: Oct 21, 2021 GMT+08:00

MRS uses SMN to offer a publish/subscribe model to achieve one-to-multiple message subscriptions and notifications in a variety of message types (SMSs and emails). You can configure job notification rules to receive notifications immediately upon a job execution success or failure.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click Service List, and choose Simple Message Notification under Application.
  3. Create a topic and add subscriptions to the topic. For details, see Configuring Message Notification.
  4. Go to the MRS management console, and click the cluster name to go to the cluster details page.
  5. Click the Alarms tab, and choose Notification Rules > Add Notification Rule.

  6. Configure a notification rule for sending job execution results to subscribers.

    Table 1 Parameters of adding a notification rule



    Rule Name

    User-defined notification rule name. Only digits, letters, hyphens (-), and underscores (_) are allowed.

    Message Notification

    If you enable this function, subscription messages will be sent to subscribers.

    Topic Name

    Select an existing topic or click Create Topic to create a topic.

    Notification Type

    Select Event.

    Subscription Items

    1. Click next to Suggestion.
    2. Click next to Manager.
    3. Select Job Running Succeeded and Job Running Failed.

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