Updated at: 2022-05-19 GMT+08:00

Interconnecting MapReduce with OBS

Before performing the following operations, ensure that you have configured a storage-compute decoupled cluster by referring to Configuring a Storage-Compute Decoupled Cluster (Agency) or Configuring a Storage-Compute Decoupled Cluster (AK/SK).

  1. Log in to the MRS management console and click the cluster name to go to the cluster details page.
  2. Choose Components > MapReduce. The All Configurations page is displayed. In the navigation tree on the left, choose MapReduce > Customization. In the customized configuration items, add the configuration item mapreduce.jobhistory.always-scan-user-dir to core-site.xml and set its value to true.

  3. Save the configurations and restart the MapReduce service.