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Modifying the Default Configuration Data

Updated at: Sep 12, 2019 GMT+08:00

By default, connect the local TSD process of the node where the Spark executor resides with OpenTSDB. In MRS, use the default configuration.

Table 1 OpenTSDB data source configuration



Example Value

IP address of the connected TSD process.

Null (default value)

xx.xx.xx.xx indicates the IP address. Separate multiple IP addresses with commas (,).


Port number of the TSD process.

4242 (default value)


Whether to use the random seed when the is configured with multiple addresses. If this parameter is set to false, all executors on the same node are connected to the same host. In this way, spark.blacklist.enabled=true can be used to implement task fault tolerance.

false by default


Run the set statement in spark-sql and spark-beeline, and then run other SQL statements.

set =,;
SELECT * FROM opentsdb_table ;

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