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Configuring Hive Parameters

Updated at:Sep 08, 2020 GMT+08:00

If the default parameter settings of the MRS service cannot meet your requirements, you can modify the parameter settings as required.

  1. Go to the cluster details page and choose Components.

    • If the Components tab is not displayed on the cluster details page, complete IAM user synchronization first. (On the Dashboard tab page of the cluster details page, click Click to synchronize on the right side of IAM User Sync to synchronize IAM users.)
    • For MRS 1.8.10 or earlier, log in to MRS Manager. For details, see Accessing MRS Manager. Then, choose Services.

  2. Choose Hive > Service Configuration and switch Basic to All. On the displayed Hive configuration page, modify parameter settings.

    Table 1 Hive parameter description




    Whether Hive converts common join to mapjoin based on the input file size.

    When Hive is used to query a join table, whatever the table size is (if the data in the join table is less than 24 MB, it is a small one), set this parameter to false. If this parameter is set to true, new mapjoin cannot be generated when you query a join table.

    Possible values:

    • true
    • false

    The default value is true.

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