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Introduction to KafkaManager

Updated at: May 06, 2019 GMT+08:00

KafkaManager is a tool for managing Apache Kafka and provides GUI-based metric monitoring and management of Kafka clusters.

KafkaManager supports the following functions:

  • Manage multiple Kafka clusters.
  • Easy inspection of cluster states (topics, consumers, offsets, partitions, replicas, and nodes)
  • Run preferred replica election.
  • Generate partition assignments with option to select brokers to use.
  • Run reassignment of partition (based on generated assignments).
  • Create a topic with optional topic configurations (Multiple Kafka cluster versions are supported).
  • Delete a topic (only supported on 0.8.2+ and delete.topic.enable = true is set in broker configuration).
  • Batch generate partition assignments for multiple topics with option to select brokers to use
  • Batch run reassignment of partitions for multiple topics.
  • Add partitions to an existing topic.
  • Update configurations for an existing topic.
  • Optionally enable JMX polling for broker-level and topic-level metrics.
  • Optionally filter out consumers that do not have ids/owner/&offsets/directories in ZooKeeper.

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