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Updated at: 2022-05-19 GMT+08:00

Restoring Patches for the Isolated Hosts

If some hosts are isolated in a cluster, perform the following operations to restore patches for these isolated hosts after patch installation on other hosts in the cluster. After patch restoration, versions of the isolated host nodes are consistent with those are not isolated.

In MRS 3.x, you cannot perform operations in this section on the management console.

  1. Access MRS Manager. For details, see Accessing MRS Manager MRS 2.1.0 or Earlier).
  2. Choose System > Manage Patch. The Manage Patch page is displayed.
  3. In the Operation column, click View Details.
  4. On the patch details page, select host nodes whose Status is Isolated.
  5. Click Select and Restore to restore the isolated host nodes.

    Figure 1 Restoring patches for the isolated hosts