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Submitting Storm Topologies on the Client

Updated at:Sep 08, 2020 GMT+08:00


Users can submit Storm topologies on the MRS cluster client to continuously process stream data. For clusters with Kerberos authentication enabled, users who submit topologies must be members of the stormadmin or storm group.


The client has been updated.


  1. Log in to the node where the client is installed.

    For example, if you have updated the client on the Master2 node, log in to the Master2 node to use the client. For details, see Using an MRS Client.

  2. Run the following command to switch the user:

    sudo su - omm

  3. Run the following command to switch to the client directory, for example, /opt/client:

    cd /opt/client

  4. Run the following command to configure the environment variables:

    source bigdata_env

  5. If Kerberos authentication is enabled, run the following command to authenticate the user. If Kerberos authentication is disabled, skip this step.

    kinit Storm username

    For example, kinit admin

  6. Run the following command to submit the Storm topology:

    storm jar Topology package path Class name of the main topology method Topology name

    • For MRS 1.8.5 or later, the topology package path is /opt/Bigdata/MRS_XXX/install/FusionInsight-Storm-xxx/adapter/client/controller/storm-examples/lib/storm-starter-xxx-mrs-xx.jar. In Storm-xxx and storm-starter-xxx, xxx indicates the Storm version. In MRS-XXX, XXX indicates the MRS version. In mrs-xx, xx indicates the major release version of MRS. For example, its value is mrs-1.8.0 for MRS 1.8.5 clusters and mrs-2.0 for MRS 2.0.1 clusters.
    • For MRS 1.9.2 or later, the topology package path is the path you store the topology package.

    For example,

    • The following example command is used to submit the topology of the client with Storm 1.2.1 and MRS 1.8.5: storm jar /opt/Bigdata/MRS_1.8.5/install/FusionInsight-Storm-1.2.1/adapter/client/controller/storm-examples/lib/storm-starter-1.2.1-mrs-1.8.0.jar org.apache.storm.starter.WordCountTopology topo1

    If the following information is displayed, the topology is submitted successfully.

    Finished submitting topology: topo1
    • To support sampling messages, add the topology.debug and topology.eventlogger.executors parameters.
    • Data processing methods vary with topologies. The topology in the example generates characters randomly and separates character strings. To query the processing status, enable the sampling function and perform operations according to Querying Data Processing Logs of the Topology.

  7. Run the following command to query Storm topologies. For clusters with Kerberos authentication enabled, only users in the stormadmin or storm group can query all topologies.

    storm list

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