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Using Job Browser on the Hue Web UI

Updated at:Sep 08, 2020 GMT+08:00


Users can use the Hue web UI to query all jobs in the cluster.

Accessing Job Browser

  1. Access the Hue web UI and click Job Browser.
  2. View the jobs in the cluster.

    The number on Job Browser indicates the total number of jobs in the cluster.

    Job Browser displays the following job information.

    Table 1 MRS job attributes




    Log information. If a job has logs, is displayed.


    Job ID, which is generated by the system automatically


    Job name

    Application Type

    Job type information


    Job status. Possible values are RUNNING, SUCCEEDED, FAILED, and KILLED.


    User who starts the job


    Map progress


    Reduce progress


    Yarn queue used for job running


    Job running priority


    Job running duration


    Time when the job is submitted to the MRS cluster

    If the MRS cluster has Spark, the Spark-JDBCServer job is started by default to execute tasks.

Searching for Jobs

  1. Enter keywords in Username or Text on Job Browser to search for the desired jobs.
  2. Clear the search criteria. The system displays all jobs.

Querying Job Details

  1. In the job list on Job Browser, click the row that contains the desired job to view details.
  2. On the Metadata tab page, you can view the metadata of the job.

    You can click to open job running logs.

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