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Performing a Health Check

Updated at: Mar 25, 2021 GMT+08:00


To ensure that cluster parameters, configurations, and monitoring are correct and that the cluster can run stably for a long time, you can perform a health check during routine maintenance.

A system health check includes MRS Manager, service-level, and host-level health checks:

  • MRS Manager health checks focus on whether the unified management platform can provide management functions.
  • Service-level health checks focus on whether components can provide services properly.
  • Host-level health checks focus on whether host indicators are normal.

The system health check includes three types of check items: health status, related alarms, and customized monitoring indicators for each check object. The health check results are not always the same as the Health Status on the portal.


  • Manually perform the health check for all services.
    1. Click Services.
    2. Choose More > Start Cluster Health Check to start the health check for the cluster.
    • The cluster health check includes Manager, service, and host status checks.
    • To perform cluster health checks, you can also choose System > Check Health Check > Start Cluster Health Check on MRS Manager.
    • To export the health check result, click Export Report in the upper left corner.
  • Manually perform the health check for a service.
    1. Click Services. In the services list, click the desired service name.
    2. Choose More > Start Service Health Check to start the health check for the service.
  • Manually perform the health check for a host.
    1. Click Hosts.
    2. Select the check box of the host for which you want to check the health status.
    3. Choose More > Start Host Health Check to start the health check for the host.
  • Automatically performing a health check
    1. Click System.
    2. Click Check Health Status under Maintenance.
    3. Click Configure Health Check to configure automatic health check items.

      Periodic Health Check: specifies whether to enable automatic health check. The Periodic Health Check function is disabled by default. You can click to enable the function and select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly based on management requirements.

    4. Click OK to save the settings. The Health check configuration saved successfully is displayed in the upper right corner.

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