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Exporting Service Logs

Updated at:Sep 08, 2020 GMT+08:00


This section describes how to export logs generated by each service role from MRS Manager.


  • You have obtained the access key ID (AK) and secret access key (SK) of the account.
  • A bucket has been created in OBS.


  1. On MRS Manager, click System.
  2. Click Export Log under Maintenance.
  3. Set a service for Service. Set Host to the IP address of the host where the service is deployed. Select the corresponding start and end dates.
  4. In Export Type, select a path for saving logs. This parameter is available only for clusters with Kerberos authentication enabled.

    • Download to local: logs are saved to the local environment. Then go to 8.
    • Upload to OBS: indicates that logs are saved to OBS. This is the default option. Then go to 5.

  5. Set OBS Path to the path for storing service logs on OBS.

    The value must be a complete path and cannot start with a slash (/). The path can be nonexistent and will be automatically created by the system. The full path of OBS can contain a maximum of 900 bytes.

  6. In Bucket, enter the name of the created OBS bucket.
  7. Set AK and SK to the access key ID and secret access key of the user.
  8. Click OK.

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