Updated at: 2022-05-23 GMT+08:00

Canceling Host Isolation


After the exception or fault of a host is handled, you must cancel the isolation of the host for proper usage.

You can cancel the isolation of a host on MRS.


  • The host is in the Isolated state.
  • The exception or fault of the host has been rectified.
  • You have synchronized IAM users. (On the Dashboard page, click Synchronize on the right side of IAM User Sync to synchronize IAM users.)
    Figure 1 Synchronizing IAM users (using MRS 1.9.2 as an example)


  1. On the MRS details page, click Nodes.
  2. Unfold the node group information and select the check box of the target host that you want to cancel its isolation.
  3. Choose Node Operation > Cancel Host Isolation.

  4. Confirm the information about the host for which the isolation is to be cancelled and click OK.

    When Operation successful is displayed, click Finish. The host is de-isolated successfully, and the value of Operating Status becomes Normal.

  5. Select the host that has been de-isolated and choose Node Operation > Start All Roles.