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Object Management

Updated at: Mar 25, 2021 GMT+08:00

MRS contains different types of basic objects. Table 1 describes these objects.

Table 1 MRS basic object overview





Function set that can complete specific business.

KrbServer service and LdapServer service

Service instance

Specific instance of a service, usually called service.

KrbServer service

Service role

Function entity that forms a complete service, usually called role.

KrbServer is composed of the KerberosAdmin role and KerberosServer role.

Role instance

Specific instance of a service role running on a host.

KerberosAdmin that is running on Host2 and KerberosServer that is running on Host3


An ECS running Linux OS.

Host1 to Host5


Physical entity that contains multiple hosts connecting to the same switch.

Rack1 contains Host1 to Host5.


Logical entity that consists of multiple hosts and provides various services.

Cluster1 cluster consists of five hosts (Host1 to Host5) and provides services such as KrbServer and LdapServer.

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