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ALM-12014 Device Partition Lost

Updated at: Aug 17, 2021 GMT+08:00


This alarm is generated when the system detects that a partition to which service directories are mounted is lost (because the device is removed or goes offline, or the partition is deleted). The system checks the partition status periodically.

This alarm needs to be cleared manually.


Alarm ID

Alarm Severity

Auto Clear








Specifies the service for which the alarm is generated.


Specifies the role for which the alarm is generated.


Specifies the host for which the alarm is generated.


Specifies the directory for which the alarm is generated.


Specifies the device partition for which the alarm is generated.

Impact on the System

Service data fails to be written into the partition, and the service system runs abnormally.

Possible Causes

  • The disk is removed.
  • The disk is offline, or a bad sector exists on the disk.


  1. Go to the MRS cluster details page and choose Alarms.
  2. In the real-time alarm list, click the row that contains the alarm.
  3. In the Alarm Details area, obtain the values of HostName, PartitionName, and DirName from Location.
  4. Check whether the disk corresponding to PartitionName on HostName is inserted to the correct server slot.

    • If yes, go to 5.
    • If no, go to 6.

  5. Contact hardware engineers to remove the faulty disk.
  6. Use PuTTY to log in to the HostName node where an alarm is reported and check whether there is a line containing DirName in the /etc/fstab file.

    • If yes, go to 7.
    • If no, go to 8.

  7. Run the vi /etc/fstab command to edit the file and delete the line containing DirName.
  8. Contact hardware engineers to insert a new disk. For details, see the hardware product document of the relevant model. If the faulty disk is in a RAID group, configure the RAID group. For details, see the configuration methods of the relevant RAID controller card.
  9. Wait 20 to 30 minutes (The disk size determines the waiting time), and run the mount command to check whether the disk has been mounted to the DirName directory.

    • If yes, manually clear the alarm. No further operation is required.
    • If no, go to 10.

  10. Collect fault information.

    1. On MRS Manager, choose System > Export Log.
    2. Contact the O&M personnel and send the collected logs.



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