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Security Statement

Updated at: Sep 02, 2021 GMT+08:00

JDK Usage Statement

MRS is a big data cluster that provides distributed data analysis and computing capabilities for users. OpenJDK is the built-in JDK of MRS, which is mainly applied in the following scenarios:
  • Performing O&M for platform services
  • Running the Linux client (mostly for service request submission and application O&M)

JDK Risk Statement

The system implements permission control on the built-in JDK. Only users in related groups of the FusionInsight platform can access the JDK. In addition, the platform is deployed on a customer's intranet, which has low security risks.

JDK Hardening

For details about how to harden the JDK, see "Hardening JDK" in Hardening Policy.

Public IP Addresses in Hue

Hue uses the test cases of third-party packages, such as ipadrress, requests, and Django, and uses the public IP addresses in the comments of the test cases. However, these public IP addresses are not involved when Hue provides services, and the Hue configuration file does not involve these public IP addresses.

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