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Configuring HDFS Data Encryption During Transmission

Updated at: Mar 25, 2021 GMT+08:00

Configuring HDFS Security Channel Encryption

The channel between components is not encrypted by default. You can set parameters to enable security channel encryption.

Navigation path for setting parameters: On FusionInsight Manager, choose Cluster > Name of the desired cluster > Services > HDFS > Configurations. On the displayed page, click the All Configurations tab. Enter a parameter name in the search box.

After the configuration, restart the corresponding service for the settings to take effect.

Table 1 Parameters

Configuration Item


Default Value

  • The setting takes effect only after the service is restarted. Rolling restart is not supported.
  • After the setting, you need to download the client configuration file again. Otherwise, HDFS cannot provide the read and write services.

Indicates whether the RPC channels of each module in Hadoop are encrypted. The channels include:

  • RPC channels for clients to access HDFS
  • RPC channels between modules in HDFS, for example, between DataNode and NameNode
  • RPC channels for clients to access Yarn
  • RPC channels between NodeManager and ResourceManager
  • RPC channels for Spark to access Yarn and HDFS
  • RPC channels for MapReduce to access Yarn and HDFS
  • RPC channels for HBase to access HDFS

The setting takes effect globally, that is, the encryption attribute of the RPC channel of each module in the Hadoop takes effect.

  • Security mode: privacy
  • Normal mode: authentication
  • authentication: indicates that only authentication is required.
  • integrity: indicates that authentication and consistency check need to be performed.
  • privacy: indicates that authentication, consistency check, and encryption need to be performed.

Indicates whether the HDFS data transfer channels and the channels for clients to access HDFS are encrypted. The HDFS data transfer channels include the data transfer channels between DataNodes and the Data Transfer (DT) channels for clients to access DataNodes. The value true indicates that the channels are encrypted. The channels are not encrypted by default.

  • This parameter is valid only when is set to privacy.
  • If a large amount of service data is transmitted, enabling encryption by default severely affects system performance.
  • If data transmission encryption is configured for one cluster in the trusted cluster, the same data transmission encryption must be configured for the peer cluster.


Indicates the algorithm to encrypt the HDFS data transfer channels and the channels for clients to access HDFS. This parameter is valid only when is set to true.


The default value is 3des, indicating that 3DES algorithm is used to encrypt data. The value can also be set to rc4. However, to avoid security risks, you are not advised to set the parameter to this value.


This parameter can be left empty or set to AES/CTR/NoPadding to specify the cipher suite for data encryption. If this parameter is not specified, the encryption algorithm specified by is used for data encryption. The default value is AES/CTR/NoPadding.


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