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Managing User Groups

Updated at: Oct 21, 2021 GMT+08:00


FusionInsight Manager supports 5000 user groups (including built-in user groups) at the maximum. You can create and manage different user groups based on service scenarios on FusionInsight Manager. A user group is bound to a role to obtain operation rights. After a user is added to a user group, the user group can obtain the operation rights of the user group. A user group can be used to classify users and manage multiple users.


  • You have learned service requirements and created roles required by service scenarios.
  • Log in to FusionInsight Manager.

Adding a User Group

  1. Choose System > Permission > User Group.
  2. Above the user group list, click Create User Group.

    Figure 1 Create User Group

  3. Set Group Name and Description.

    A group name consists of letters, digits, underlines (_), hyphens(-), or spaces. A group name can contain 1 to 64 characters. It is case insensitive. It cannot be the same as the group name in the system.

  4. In the Role area, click Add to select a role and add it.

    • For components (except HDFS and Yarn) for which Ranger authorization has been enabled, the rights of non-default roles on Manager do not take effect. You need to configure Ranger policies to assign rights to user groups.
    • If the policy conditions of HDFS and Yarn resource requests in Ranger are not covered, the component ACL rules still take effect.

  5. In the User area, click Add to select a user and add it.
  6. Click OK.

    The user group is created.

Viewing User Group Information

By default, all users are displayed in the user group list. Click the arrow on the left of a specified user group name to view the details about the user group, such as the number of users, users in the group, and roles bound to the user group.

Modifying Information About a User Group

Locate the row that contains the user group to be modified, click Modify to modify the information about the user group.

Exporting Information About a User Group

Click Export All to export all user groups information at a time. You can export the user group information in TXT or CSV format.

The user group information contains the following fields: user group name, description, user list, and role list

Deleting a User Group

Locate the row that contains the user group to be deleted, and click Delete. To delete multiple user groups in batches, select the user groups to be deleted and click Delete above the user group list. The user group contains users and cannot be deleted. To delete a user group, delete all users in the user group by modifying the user group, and then delete the user group.

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