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Updated at: Mar 25, 2021 GMT+08:00


Multi-tenant specifies multiple resource sets (a resource set is a tenant) in a MRS big data cluster and is able to allocate and schedule resources. The resources include computing resources and storage resources.


Modern enterprise data clusters are developing towards centralization and cloudification. Enterprise-class big data clusters must meet the following requirements:

  • Carry data of different types and formats and run jobs and applications of different types (analysis, query, and stream processing).
  • Isolate data of a user from that of another user who has demanding requirements on data security, such as a bank or government institute.

The preceding requirements bring the following challenges to the big data cluster:

  • Proper allocation and scheduling of resources to ensure stable operating of applications and jobs
  • Strict access control to ensure data and service security

Multi-tenant isolates the resources of a big data cluster into resource sets. Users can lease desired resource sets to run applications and jobs and store data. In a big data cluster, multiple resource sets can be deployed to meet diverse requirements of multiple users.

The MRS enterprise-class big data cluster provides a complete enterprise-class big data multi-tenant solution.


  • Proper resource configuration and isolation

    The resources of a tenant are isolated from those of another tenant. The resource use of a tenant does not affect other tenants. This mechanism ensures that each tenant can configure resources based on service requirements, improving resource utilization.

  • Resource consumption measurement and statistics

    Tenants are system resource applicants and consumers. System resources are planned and allocated based on tenants. Resource consumption by tenants can be measured and recorded.

  • Ensured data security and access security

    In multi-tenant scenarios, the data of each tenant is stored separately to ensure data security. The access to tenants' resources is controlled to ensure access security.

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