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Viewing a Health Check Task

Updated at: Mar 25, 2021 GMT+08:00


Administrators can view all health check tasks in the health check management center to check whether the cluster is affected after the modification.


  1. Log in to FusionInsight Manager.
  2. Choose O&M > Health Check.

    By default, all the saved check reports are displayed in a list, as listed in the following table.

    Table 1 Health check report records



    Checked Object

    Indicates the object being checked, open the drop-down menu to view the details.


    Indicates the check result status, including No problems found, Problems found, and Checking.

    Check Type

    Indicates the entity on which the health check is performed, including four dimensions: System, Cluster, Host, Service, and OMS. By default, a health check on the cluster dimension contains all checks items.

    Start Mode

    Indicates whether the health check is automatically triggered or manually executed.


    Indicates the start time of the check.


    Indicates the end time of the check.


    You can export the health check report and view the help information.

    • In the upper pane, you can filter specified health check records by check object and result status.
    • If the cluster checked, you can click Help in the Checked Object drop-down list box.
    • During the health check, the system collects the recent historical data instead of the real-time monitoring data of object indicators. Therefore, the check is delayed.

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