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Updated at: Mar 25, 2021 GMT+08:00

Click Hosts > Resource Overview > Host, the host resources consist of basic resources (CPU/memory) and disk resources, as shown in Figure 1.

Click Export Data to export the configuration list of all hosts in the cluster, including the host name, management IP address, host type, number of cores, platform type, memory capacity, and disk size.

Figure 1 Host resource overview

Basic Configurations (CPU/Memory)

Move the cursor to the pie chart to display the information about the hardware configuration of each node in the current cluster. The information is displayed as follows: Number of cores (platform type) Memory: Host quantity.

Hosts that have different configurations are contained in different color blocks in a pie chart. You can click any color block to display the corresponding host list in the lower part of the page.

Disk Configurations

The horizontal axis indicates the disk capacity (including the OS disk) of nodes, and the vertical axis indicates the number of logical disks (including the OS disk) of nodes.

When you place the cursor on a dot, the information about the disks in the current configuration state, including the number of disks, total capacity, and number of hosts, is displayed.

Click a dot to display the disks of this configuration in the lower part of the page.

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