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Modifying Service Configuration Parameters

Updated at: Mar 25, 2021 GMT+08:00


To meet site requirements, you can view and modify default configurations of a service on FusionInsight Manager. Configure parameters based on the information provided in the configuration description.

The parameters of DBService cannot be modified when only one DBService role instance exists in the cluster.

Impact on the System

  • After configuring properties of a service, you need to restart the service. The service is unavailable during restart. If the instance is not restarted, the configuration status of the instance is Expired.
  • After the service configuration parameters are modified and then take effect after restart, you need to download and install the client again or download the configuration file to update the client. For example, you can modify configuration parameters of the following services: HBase, HDFS, Hive, Spark, YARN, and MapReduce.


  1. Log in to FusionInsight Manager.
  2. Choose Cluster > Name of the desired cluster > Services.
  3. Click the specified service name on the service management page.
  4. Click Configurations.

    The Basic Configuration tab page is displayed by default. To modify more parameters, click the All Configurations tab. The navigation tree displays all configuration parameters of the service. The level-1 nodes in the navigation tree are service names or role names. The parameter category is displayed after the level-1 node is expanded.

    As shown in the following figure, the first node LdapServer indicates the service name, and the second node SlapdServer indicates the role name. The configuration parameter displayed takes effect for all instances of the role and the service.

    Figure 1 Configuration parameter navigation tree

  5. In the navigation tree, select the specified parameter category and change the parameter values on the right.

    Select a port parameter value from the value range on the right. Ensure that all parameter values in the same service are within the value range and are unique. Otherwise, the service fails to be started.

    If you are not sure about the location of a parameter, you can enter the parameter name in search box in the upper right corner. The system searches for the parameter in real time and displays the result.

  6. Click Save. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK.

    Wait until the message "Operation succeeded." is displayed. Click Finish.

    The configuration is modified.

    • To update the queue configuration of the YARN service without restarting service, choose More > Refresh Queue to update the queue for the configuration to take effect.
    • During configuration of the flume.config.file parameter, you can upload and download files. After a configuration file is uploaded, the old file will be overwritten. If the configuration is not saved and the service is restarted, the configuration does not take effect. Save the configuration in time.
    • If you need to restart the service for the configuration to take effect after modifying service configuration parameters, choose More > Restart Service in the upper right corner of the service page.

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