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FusionInsight Manager Introduction

Updated at: Sep 02, 2021 GMT+08:00


MRS manages and analyzes massive data and helps you rapidly obtain desired data from structured and unstructured data. The structure of open-source components is complex. The installation, configuration, and management processes are time- and labor-consuming. FusionInsight Manager is a unified enterprise-level cluster management platform and provides the following functions:

  • Cluster monitoring: allows you to better understand status of hosts and services.
  • Graphical indicator monitoring and customization: allow you to obtain key system information in a timely manner.
  • Service property configuration: allows you to configure service properties based on the performance requirements of your services.
  • Cluster, service, and role instance operations: allow you to start or stop services and clusters with just a few clicks.
  • Permission management and audit: allow you to configure the access control and manage operation logs.

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome.

    The Google Chrome 90 to 92 versions are recommended.

  • Microsoft Edge

    Supports the Microsoft Edge browser that comes with the Windows 10 system.

It is recommended to access FusionInsight Manager using a browser on the Windows platform.

Introduction to the Manager GUI

FusionInsight Manager provides a unified cluster management platform, facilitating rapid and easy O&M for clusters.

Figure 1 FusionInsight Manager GUI

The upper part of the page is the operation bar, the middle part is the display area, and the bottom part is the taskbar.

  • Table 1 describes the functions of each portal on the operation bar.
    Table 1 Functions of each portal on the operation bar


    Function Description


    Shows the key monitoring indicators and statuses of clusters and the host statuses in column charts, line charts, and tables. You can customize a dashboard for the key monitoring indicators and drag it onto any position on the visualized interface layout. The system overview page supports automatic data update. For details, see Homepage.


    Provides the service monitoring, operation, and configuration guidance, which helps you manage services in a unified manner. For details, see Cluster.


    Provides the host monitoring and operation guidance to help you manage hosts in a unified manner. For details, see Hosts.


    Allows you to query and handle alarms, and helps you identify product faults and potential risks in a timely manner, ensuring proper system running. For details, see O&M.


    Allows you to query and export audit logs, and view all user activities and operations. For details, see Audit.

    Tenant Resources

    Provides a unified tenant management platform. For details, see Tenant Resources.


    Provides FusionInsight Manager system configuration and management functions, such as user permission configuration. For details, see System Configuration.

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