Updated on 2022-12-08 GMT+08:00

Adding an IdeaHub or Board

Huawei Cloud Meeting adapts to IdeaHubs and Boards. You can use meeting functions after activating them using activation codes.

Adding a Commercial Activation Code

If you have purchased an IdeaHub access account, perform the following steps to add an activation code:

  1. In the navigation pane, choose Meeting Room Devices > Intelligent Collaboration Devices > Team Collaboration Boards.
  2. On the Team Collaboration Boards page, click Add Activation Code.

  3. On the Add Activation Code page, enter the IdeaHub details and click Save.

  4. On the Team Collaboration Boards page, obtain the added activation code to activate the IdeaHub.

Other Operations

On the Team Collaboration Boards page, you can click on the right to edit a device, click to delete the device, and click and reset the activation code of the device.