Updated at: 2022-05-26 GMT+08:00


Live provides referer validation, URL validation, and ACL to identify and filter out malicious visitors. Only visitors that meet the rules can use Live.

URL validation protects live resources from unauthorized download and theft. Referer validation uses referer blacklists/whitelists to prevent hotlinking. However, because the referer content can be forged, referer validation cannot well protect live resources. Therefore, you are advised to use URL validation. Table 1 shows the authentication mechanism of the Live service.

Table 1 Authentication mechanism




Referer validation

You can configure the referer blacklist and whitelist to identify and filter out malicious visitors.

For details, see Referer Validation

URL validation

You can configure a key and validate the URL to protect live resources.

For details, see URL Validation.


You can configure a denylist or allowlist to control who can use Live to play video.

For details, see ACL.