Updated at: 2022-05-26 GMT+08:00

Assembling an Ingest URL

After domain names are configured, you can assemble an ingest URL and then push streams through the URL. You can also use the tool of generating signed URLs to quickly generate a signed ingest URL.


  • Domain names have been added.
  • CNMAE records have been added to your domains' DNS records.
  • To secure live resources, Live provides URL validation to encrypt and sign the ingest URL. If necessary, configure URL validation and push streams through the signed URL.


  1. Log in to the Live console.
  2. In the navigation pane, choose Domains.
  3. Click Settings in the row containing the target ingest domain name. On the displayed page, you can view ingest information.

    Figure 1 Ingest URL
    • You need to customize StreamName to generate an ingest URL. For details, see Original Ingest URL.
    • If URL validation is configured, you can add a signed string to the original ingest URL to generate a new ingest URL. For details, see Signed Ingest URL.

Original Ingest URL

Assembling rule

Ingest URL format:
rtmp://Ingest domain name/AppName/StreamName
  • Ingest domain name is the one you added on the Live console.
  • AppName: application name. The default value is live. You can customize the application name. Only letters, digits, underscores (_), and hyphens (-) are allowed.
  • StreamName: live stream name. Multiple live streams can be created for each application. You can customize the stream name.


If the added ingest domain name is test-push.example.com, StreamName is huawei1, and AppName is livetest, then the ingest URL is:


Signed Ingest URL

If URL validation is configured, you must assemble a signed URL based on obtained authentication information and then push streams through the signed URL. For details, see URL Validation.