Updated on 2023-02-15 GMT+08:00

Managing Application Protection


You have purchased HSS premium, WTP, or container edition.


  • Currently, only Linux servers are supported.
  • So far, only Java applications can be protected.
  • Servers that are not protected by HSS premium, WTP, or container editions do not support application protection operations.

Viewing the Report

  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. In the upper left corner of the page, select a region, click , and choose Security & Compliance > Host Security Service.

    Figure 1 Accessing HSS

  3. In the displayed dialog box, click Try the new edition to switch to the HSS (New) console.

    • Currently, HSS is available in the following regions: CN South-Guangzhou, CN-Hong Kong, AP-Bangkok, and AP-Singapore.
    • On the HSS (New) console, you can click Back to Old Console in the upper left corner to switch to the HSS (Old) console.

  4. Choose Prevention > Application Protection. Click the Protected Servers tab.

    If your servers are managed by enterprise projects, you can select an enterprise project to view or operate the asset and scan information.

    Figure 2 Protection settings

  5. Click View Report in the Operation column of a server to view detection details.

    Figure 3 Viewing a report

  6. Click an alarm name to view its details.

    You can view the attack information (such as the request information and attack source IP address) and extended information (such as detection rules and probes), and troubleshoot the problem accordingly.
    Figure 4 Viewing alarm details