Updated at: 2022-02-10 GMT+08:00

Creating a Private Image Using an ECS


You can use an ECS for which HPC has been configured as a template to create private images which can be used to quickly create clusters. This section describes how to convert a Linux ECS into a private image on the management console or by calling HTTPS-based APIs.


  • The IP address obtaining mode of the Linux ECS NIC has been set to DHCP.
  • The udev rules on the Linux ECS have been deleted.
  • Cloud-Init has been installed and configured on the ECS.
  • All EVS data disks attached to the Linux ECS have been detached.

Through the Management Console

  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Under Computing, click Elastic Cloud Server.

    The Elastic Cloud Server page is displayed.

  3. On the Elastic Cloud Server page, select the target ECS and ensure that the ECS is in the Stopped state.

    If the ECS is in the running state, click More in the Operation column and select Stop from the drop-down list to stop the ECS.

  4. Click More in the Operation column and select Make Image from the drop-down list.
  5. Enter basic image information as prompted.
    • Source: Select ECS.
    • ECS: Retain the default value.
    • Name: Customize your image name.
  6. Click Apply Now.

    You will be redirected to the IMS console, on which you can view the created private image.


  • URI

    POST /v2/cloudimages/action

  • Example request
    POST /v2/cloudimages/action
        "name": "ims_test",
        "description":"Create an image using an ECS.",
        "instance_id": "877a2cda-ba63-4e1e-b95f-e67e48b6129a"
  • Example response
        "job_id": "8a12fc664fb4daa3014fb4e581380005"