Updated on 2022-07-06 GMT+08:00

Using the DCS Console

On the DCS console, you can buy, use, and maintain DCS instances, view instance status and memory usage, and seek online support.

Figure 1 DCS console
  • Switching regions

    You can switch to a region closer to your application.

  • Switching services

    You can switch to consoles of other services, such as the VPC and Cloud Eye consoles.

  • Creating an instance

    Click to buy DCS Redis or Memcached instances.

  • Navigation pane

    This area provides access to operating DCS instances and migrating data.

  • News and notices

    This area informs you of the latest available features and special offers.

  • Instances

    This area displays the total number of instances and the number of faulty instances of the current user.

  • Monitoring and alarms

    This area displays instances with the highest memory usage. For details on how to view information about a specific instance, see Viewing Instance Details.

    You can create alarm rules for your instance. When an alarm is generated, you can handle it immediately. For details, see Configuring Alarm Rules for Critical Metrics.

  • Getting started

    By clicking these links, you will be directed to the documentation to learn more about how to use DCS.

  • Online support

    If you have any questions while using DCS, contact online support.