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User Management

Updated at: Mar 20, 2020 GMT+08:00


When a DB instance or a database requires access from users with different permissions, multiple users can be created, but the permissions of the created user cannot exceed the operation rights of the account.

On the Login Management page, locate the target login and click Log In in the Operation column. The page for managing databases is displayed.


You have logged in to the DAS console.


  1. On the top menu bar, choose More > User Management. The page for managing users is displayed.
  2. On the displayed page, click Create User. Then, enter required parameters, such as basic information and global permissions, add or delete object permissions, and click Save. In the displayed dialog box, click OK.
  3. In the user management list, query or manage created users by expiration status, lock status, role, or user name.

    • Editing user information: Click Edit in the Operation column. On the displayed page, reset the password, set global permissions, add object permissions, and add roles.
    • Resetting password: Click Reset Password in the Operation column. In the displayed dialog box, enter the old password and set a new password.
    • Lock/Unlock: You can click Lock or Unlock in the Operation column to quickly set the lock status of the user.
    • Deleting user information: Click Delete in the Operation column to delete the current user information.

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